How To Fix EVS Ducted Vacuum No Suction or Low Suction Problems

Ducted Vacuum No SuctionHave you noticed your EVS ducted vacuum has no suction or low suction?  Don’t panic, it may not be an expensive problem to fix.  There are several things that could cause a ducted vacuum no suction or low suction problem and we’ll outline the most common in this troubleshooting blog.

Common Causes of Ducted Vacuum No Suction or Low Suction Problems

Blocked Ducted Vacuum System

A blockage in the ducting that runs through the house. You can check if this is the problem by checking the inlet at the motor. If its suction is OK then you definitely have a blockage in the ducting. We regularly get asked to remove these blockages and we do this by using a plumbers snake about 10mm in diameter up to 8 meters long. This will disturb the blockage, sometimes it will allow the blockage to find its way through to the dust bucket. On other occasions we need to do a reverse suck with another vacuum unit to get the blockage out. Either way we are usually successful unblocking your ducted vacuum system. One of the worst and common causes of blockages is the long hair of ladies and teenage girls (and sometimes boys).

Clogged Ducted Vacuum Filters

If you find that the suction at the motor is the same as through the rest of the house then the problem is going to be in the main filter, secondary filter or the motor itself. Its rarely the motor so next we turn to the main filter or the secondary filter.

A visual inspection of the main filter will usually tell us weather it has been neglected, needs cleaning or replacing. A call to your nearest EVS agent and they can explain what a good filter should look like and the best way to clean. Yours could be a foam filter or a pleated cartridge which need cleaning in different ways.

The secondary filter is a stainless steel mesh filter situated immediately below the motor and is designed to be a last barrier to stop the fan blades of the motor becoming clogged and perhaps beyond repair. It gets covered in lint and dust if the main foam filter is old, looses its shape or begins to disintegrate with age. If you have the pleated filter it just may need a wash or perhaps it damaged or not sealing against the motor base as well as it should. If this is the problem you need to replace the foam filter as well as removing and cleaning the secondary filter.

If you wish can complete this your self or alternatively call your nearest EVS agent to arrange a visit from their service technician who will clean the secondary filter and have the spare main filter (foam or pleated) that you need.

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