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Keeping an eye on whats happening around your house or business whether you are home or in a different country. Thats what the latest CCTV systems can provide. Provision for connection of the recording device to the internet will need to provided.  As a trusted CCTV company in Perth, Electron WA is here to help.

Quality Dahua CCTV Equipment

Using quality Dahua Network Video Recorders with 3 or 4 Megapixel cameras customers can get superb resolution. These cameras come with Infra Red capabilities and a range of up to 50 metres. Cameras can be programmed to run continuously or only begin recording when movement is detected as a result extending the storage life of the hard drive.

With Varifocal lenses we can zoom in to get a view of your special needs, like number plates or a particular doorway. Alternativly a 3.6mm lens will give you a field of view greater than 90 degrees.

Recording is done on the Network Video Recorder with a hard drive storage to suit each customers requirements. This would typically be about 4 weeks with the oldest data being deleted as new recordings are stored. Recorders come with capabilities to run 4, 8 or 16 cameras. If you think you need 4 cameras it may be worth considering an 8 channel recorder to cater for any expansion if the need arises.

Smart Home Security and CCTV

Dedicated viewing screens can be placed in prominent positions around the house if required but we find that viewing on computers and smart devices has mostly replaced the fixed screens.

As mentioned in our Intercom section if a Dahua intercom is installed we can get the CCTV images to show on the intercom monitors.

For more information on the rapidly changing CCTV landscape please give us a call or send your plans to us via the contact page.